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An arbitrator is first of all a professional, and only then a man or a woman

por Maria Podsoblyaeva (Rugby Referee, Russia)
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This article provides insights into the experience of being a rugby judge, emphasizing the challenges and misconceptions faced, especially as a woman in Russia. The author challenges stereotypes, highlighting the active development of women’s rugby globally, asserting that female referees are as capable as their male counterparts. The article underscores the importance of professionalism, rule knowledge, and physical preparedness for referees, debunking the notion that gender determines judging capabilities in rugby.

Foto de Maria PodsoblyaevaHi, I’m Maria and I’m a rugby referee

I want to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be a judge.

The first thing you should know is that it’s hard but interesting.

The most important thing is the knowledge of the rules and the ability to apply them, and if you have never played rugby, most likely it will be very difficult for you to understand this wonderful game.

In Russia, many people think if you are a woman, then you don’t know how to judge and you will never learn, much less in rugby

I think that these are just established stereotypes, and everyone’s opinion has the right to be. Women’s rugby is developing very actively all over the world, including in Russia.

And girls are not nearly inferior to men.

Regarding the attitude towards the female referees – completely different. Someone perceives this with discontent: “they say, girl, where are you climbing?” — and it doesn’t matter if you know the rules and whether you make the right decision. But most of the rugby players, in my opinion, are fine. Everyone is doing their own thing, and, I think, if they still think about who is judging them… The main thing is to do your job correctly and there will be no questions.

the referee is first of all a professional, I do not dispute that it is sometimes physically difficult to keep up with the guys, but if you are preparing for the season, then this is not a problem, and of course understanding the game itself and interpretation of the rules come first.

It’s harder for those people who were far from rugby and decided to judge, yes, that’s another question.

Many people ask Who is harder to judge than men or girls

I can’t say that it’s harder to judge someone, if only in terms of physical fitness, because men are more resilient and their speed is correspondingly also greater. And so — if you are physically ready, you know and understand the rules of the game, then there is no difficulty and no difference in this.

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