Numero: 99. Año: 5

Lugar de Edición: Barcelona, España

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Kami Rita Sherpa’s (Nepal) interview

por Juan Pablo Cervigni
Portada Artículo Entrevista a Sherpa
Foto Entrevista Sherpa1) How did you start climbing?

I started from working as a poter carrying bags and then I became a mountaineer step by step

2) What do you like the most about mountains?

It is not a matter of liking the mountain rather it is about which mountain to climb in which season.

3) How did you prepare for your first expedition?

Before my first expedition I climbed small mountain of about 6000m and also trained along. Also all the equipment required for the expedition is packed.

4) How important is the psychological aspect when you’re climbing? Do you work on it somehow?

I think psychologically people must be strong and remain calm as possible because when having some people face psychological pressure when they see others being sick and they start to feel demotivated too.

5) How long does it take to acclimate to the higher altitudes?

Before climbing Everest most of the people climb small mountain of 6000-7000m to make their body used to high altitude.

6) What differences do you find between your first and last experience climbing Everest?

When I first started climbing there were less shop for shops containing mountain clothes and equipment also the equipment used to heavy but now there are lots of different types of light equipment

7) How many people do you need on your team for each expedition? What are their functions?

There are at least 30-35 people required and each has their own job as some are cook, some carry luggage of the client and oxygen, some are send accompany client on their way and some are send to train and lead the client

8) What does a person who wants to climb Everest need to have in order to be successful?

I feel that a person must be mentally and physically fit and also they need to train their body to get used to high altitude

9) What’s the relationship between the Sherpa culture and the mountain?

Since Sherpas stay in the mountain region of Nepal and are used to high altitude so they have mountaineering as their job to provide for their needs

10) What kind of advice would you give to somebody trying to get to the top of Everest?

They need to have physically and mentally fit also they need to train their body and climb mountain of 6000-7000m mountain.

Also they need to listen to their guide advise and choose company wisely and do their research regarding basic mountain knowledge

11) How do you manage thoughts about risks or even death? How approaches fear a professional like you?

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